St. John's Council #1345 - Dumont NJ
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Upcoming Dates to Remember
Monday October 16 - Council Meeting at 8PM
Saturday October 21 - Council trip to New Haven, CT
Saturday October 28 - Halloween Party
Sunday October 29 - Corporate Communion at St. Mary's Church
Sunday October 29 - Children's Halloween Party
Monday November 6 - Memorial Mass for Deceased Members - 8PM
Check the calendar link and the current Knight Times for more information. . .

Upcoming Event Fliers
Council Trip to New Haven - October 21st
Adult Halloween Party - October 28th
Children's Halloween Party - October 29th

Knights of Columbus Organ Donor Program
With your family and friends, become an organ donor. The life that gets saved just might sit across from you at dinner tonight. Sign up by visiting: For more information, contact Greg Ryan at 201-919-2535.

If you want………..

  • the satisfaction of helping others

  • to strengthen your faith and your church

  • to get closer to your family

  • to protect your family's security

  • to be more in touch with your spirituality as a Catholic


  • the idea of service and charity means something to you

  • serving your church and your community means something to you

Then, We are the place for YOU!

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