St. John's Council #1345 - Dumont NJ
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When a Catholic gentleman applies to become a member of the Knights of Columbus his application is voted on by the members of the council.  Following a favorable vote, the applicant becomes a member by initiation in what is called the First Degree.  Subsequently he advances through the Second and Third degrees. Advancing through the 2nd & 3rd degrees broadens a member's understanding of the Order, and how membership helps to strengthen our Faith.

Each Degree is associated with one of the Principles of the Order.

1st Principle (Degree) - Charity

2nd Principle (Degree) - Unity

3rd Principle (Degree) - Fraternity

Members who have been in the Knights for one year and have attained Third Degree membership are eligible to join the Fourth Degree Knights.

4th Principle (Degree) - Patriotism

Applications for membership in theKnights of Columbus, also known as a Form 100, are available from any member and can also be found in the hallway of the Council headquarters. If you have questions about St. John's Council, stop by on a Friday evening after 8PM. We're open almost every Friday for socializing with other members and their families. Check the calendar link for any notifications about closures.

You can also email for a timely response.