St. John's Council #1345 - Dumont NJ
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When our organization began, in order to help each other, our members "passed the hat" to assist families of deceased members. Soon, however, this became impossible, as the membership grew.

Out of this simple process, we've evolved into a modern, dynamic insurance organization, and offer a wide variety of products to suit virtually everyone's needs.

While Insurance with the Order is not mandatory we do ask that members allow the Insurance Agent an opportunity to talk with you about the benefits, investments, and programs available to you and your family.

The Insurance Field  Agent that services our council is John McAvinue, who can be reached at 973-773-9231.  His office number is 973-477-7073.


Investment opportunities 

Student Loans,  & Scholarships 

Family Benefits 

Widow Benefits 

Orphan Benefits

Please use this Life Insurance Calculator to determine the amount of life insurance protection you and your family need.